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Dr. Tom Harris treating patient


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Meet the Doctors

Dr. Dallen Mill, MD Photo

Dr. Dallen Mill, MD


After graduating cum laude from Brigham Young University, Dr Mill entered medical school at Loyola University Chicago

Dr. Tom harris, MD photo

Dr. Tom Harris, MD


After completing his undergraduate work at Southern Utah University, Dr. Harris matriculated at the University of Vermont

Recent Media

Listen to the pros and cons of precedex and remifentanil, plus a dive into an innovative non pharmaceutical approach with Dr. Dallen Mill MD.
PODCAST: Listen to the Pros & Cons...


Dr Kayvan Fathimani Profile Photo

Dr. Kayvan Fathimani, DDS FACS FAACS 

Maxillofacial & Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Mill is a great Anesthesiologist. I’ve used his services multiple times for my office and it’s been a very easy and smooth process. He’s nasally intubated multiple times for my procedures and it’s been very smooth and the patients recovered very well. This lets our team focus closely on the surgery comfortably while he manages the anesthesia. I’m a board certified Maxillofacial and Cosmetic Surgeon and found his personality to be much superior than other providers and his experience to be excellent. I would highly recommend him for anyone needing an Anesthesiologist in their office whether it’s for IV Sedation or General Anesthesia.


Dr. Janelle Tonn, DDS

Pediatric Dentist

I cannot say enough about what a positive experience my patients and I have had with these visits. Previously my only option for anesthesia was a surgery center or hospital operating room. I have had parents break down in tears after, thanking me for giving them this peaceful option as opposed to a more stressful visit to a hospital.

Drs. Mill and Harris...come with my highest recommendation.

Dr. Kevin Andrus Profile Photo

Dr. Kevin Andrus, DDS, MS 


Peak View Anesthesia is a wonderful and trusted provider. Dr. Dallen Mill is exceptionally qualified, and I trust him without reservation to take care of my patientsThere is not a better or more qualified group to handle your IN-OFFICE anesthesia needs.

Rebecca Spresser photo

Rebecca Spresser

Office Manager

The parents appreciate the comfort, cost savings, and convenience of having their kids seen in the office setting...we appreciate the experience and professionalism of physician anesthesiologists caring for our young patients. Their kindness shows as they speak to patients and their parents. On the admin side, the process has been seamless - communication and coordination between the dental office and anesthesiologist is top notch. We are proud to work closely with Dr. Mill and Dr. Harris.

Dr. Corban Stettler DDS photo

Dr. Corban Stettler, DDS

Pediatric Dentist

Great doctors. I trust this group with my own children. They know what they are doing and just [easy] to work with.

In The News

Dr Mill in Guatemala
Dr. Mill In Guatemala

Medical mission to Guatemala highlighted in the University of Colorado Orthopedics publication. (Pages: 52-55)

University of Colorado Medicine Logo

Giving Back

Dr. Mill with patient post op
The Shalom Foundation Logo

Dr. Mill and Dr. Harris enjoy donating their time by providing care to children undergoing surgery for orthopaedic birth defects at The Shalom Foundation’s Moore Center in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

They also enjoy teaching and mentoring the Guatemalan medical students who complete their rotations in Anesthesiology at the Center.

The Moore Center is an exceptional organization that provides excellent preoperative, operative and post-operative care to the children of Guatemala and helps train future local physicians.

Please consider donating to the Center below.

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